Gallery: "Urban Abberations"

Nº 0001: El Pico de Paulmann - Paulmann's Dick
Santiago de Chile, "Sanhattan" area. December 03, 2011.

This picture is not nº 0001 because this is the number one ugly thing around here. Not by a long stretch; just wait and see.
It's here because the public debate around what is popularly known as "El Pico de Paulmann" - Paulmann's Dick - and the pertaining super-hyper-mega-mall has been raging, recently, because of a study by the Ministry of Transport.
It estimates that - once inaugurated - traffic in the 10-15 blocks surrounding it will roughly double.
In a business area where it already takes half an hour to just get out of the parking lot during rush hour, working anywhere near Horst's thingy will become nothing less than a living hell.

Thus, in a city where everything that's legal gets done because it can be done (or someone else will), do megalomaniacs like supermarket owner Mr. Host Paulmann ever wonder about the terrible impact they have on our public spaces and on other people's lifes?
Most probably not. That's why they're called megalomaniacs – or was it egomaniacs?...
The fact that something is legal does not make it necessarily ethical, as this humongous stiffy - or middle finger FU sign, if you will - rather eloquently demonstrates.

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