Nº 0007. One Dollar Picture
One dollar picture. Valparaíso, Conception Hill, Chile - V Region. July 2006.

Apart of architectural rape and the downfall of entire neighborhoods at the hands of the demolition mob, what most deteriorates our cities is the incessant action of the spraycan guerilla.
No burg, however fancy, escapes from the nonstop labor of ozone layer depleting youngsters, who come along at night, armed with the latest in aerosol technology.
We would not mind that much if they were only to have the slightest conception of taste. Unfortunately – just like Paulman – they don’t: no cause, no taste, no skill, no art, no nothing… Phallus symbols rule…
This one – however crude – is a humorous exception, reflecting on the boatloads of unknowing senior citizens who come off of the cruise ships to visit Valpaíso, once the most important port on the Pacific.

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