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Nº 0005: Don't, don't, don't...
No-no-no-no's. Pukara de Quitor, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - II Region. September 29, 2009.

The Pukará de Quitor, located at about 3 km. NW of San Pedro de Atacama, is an archeological site dating back to the XII Century.
Pukaras – stone fortresses – are not an unusual sight in the Chilean north; however, this one is particularly well preserved.
Built entirely out of volcanic pumice stone, it sits at the intersection of two river valleys and is extremely well located to strategically oversee a large part of the surrounding areas.

Even though the Spanish “conquistadores” in their war against the Inca Empire may have their hand in the place’s downfall, it is modern day tourists that contribute most to its decline.
No matter the sort of control being exercised by the local Lican Antay allyú – which administers this location – it is the “don’t” signs that are littered all over the place that speak volumes…
Don’t run, don’t throw stones, don’t litter, and this one: don’t climb on walls. Hello???

In spite of the massive amounts of non-Spanish speakers coming through here, the absence of signs in English is conspicuous. Coincidence?

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