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Nº 0008. Crumbling Concrete
Crumbling Concrete. Maule river, Colbún, Chile - VII Region. November, 2005.

I am not quite sure what this is, but I think this used to be a small hydroelectric plant in the Maule River near the town of Colbún. In the mid eighties, it was replaced by a far bigger one, about 4,5 km up-river, to form the Colbún storage lake, the largest of this type in Chile.
We stumbled by accident on this location – literally covered with debris and garbage – and it took some serious Photoshop to reveal the sensation of abandonment and gloom that surrounds this epic monument to downfall.

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Nº 0006: I wish... I had... the cash...
I wish... I had... the Cash. Valparaíso, Agua Santa, Chile - V Region. October 1997.

This is what's left of what was once a beautiful three-story building on Agua Santa, a very steep 2-way street leading from the foot-hills of the “Cordillera de la Costa” to the Valparaíso city center.
One can still appreciate the reminiscence of its glory days.
By now, it is being eaten away by rust, rot, infiltration and invaded by pigeons - the destructive, omni-present rats of the sky.
And nobody gives a rat's ass about it...
Which is a petty because soon enough another eight-story - ugly as hell - apartment building will take its place.
Sending yet another part of the port's glorious history into oblivion.

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